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Candlelight Wedding Theme

Candlelight adds a romantic touch to a wedding ceremony and reception.

Illuminations Candlelit Wedding

Our Favorite Wedding Favors

Floating rose tealight by Illuminations

Evening is the best time of day for this theme.


This theme can be adapted to almost any setting and is perfect for sites where the walls or surroundings are somewhat drab. (Note: Make sure to check with site representatives to make sure the use of candles is accepted).


* Use flower centerpieces with Wedding Taper Candles. Place a framed mirror (or inexpensive mirror tiles) under each one. The mirrors will reflect the candlelight and add sparkle to the table.

* Light small white votive candles and disperse along the buffet table.

* Use sparkling glass, Pearled Taper Rings


* Beautiful piano music and slow romantic love songs are wonderful complements to this setting.

* Additional Details Add clear sequins, beads, or rhinestones to the bodice of your dress. They will look wonderful sparkling in the candlelight.

* Perform the Unity Candle ceremony.

* For a favor, use a Votive Candle wrapped in tulle and tied with a beautiful glitter ribbon in your wedding colors.

* Give the wedding party candles or lanterns to carry down the aisle during the processional.

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